Machine Learning Powered

Flight Delay Predictions

Make air travel smarter with flight delay predictions and real-time event alerts delivered through a single API call.

Helping to build the next generation of travel tech

Etd provides us with the most accurate delay predictions in the industry. We went from simply reacting to proactively managing delay.

Ivan Imana, CIO, Adelman Travel

Solutions for the entire air travel ecosystem

Airline & airport operators

Anticipate operational delays to minimize disruption costs and provide improved passenger experience.

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Travel management

Integrate our flight delay predictions to deliver next-generation alerts, booking and itinerary management.

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Create new products and underwrite better policies by leveraging our flight delay risk data.

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Assess delay risk

Wrk's built with productivity at heart and is loaded with features to help you hire more effectively. It's quick to learn, fast to navigate, and empowering to use.

  • Flexible applicant tracking

  • Customizable workflows

  • Rich candidate profiles

  • Built-in candidate messaging

  • Bulk messaging

  • Message templates

  • Shared notes & documentation

Keep track of everything

A robust notification system ensures you'll never miss a thing. You'll have a clear overview of everything that happens within your hiring teams.

Work together

Wrk is set up to allow everyone on your team to contribute to the hiring effort. With features like user roles and job assignments, you can easily divvy up the work and get everyone involved.

We ❤️ Devs

Go deep. Make it yours.

$ curl -u $API_KEY_ID:$API_KEY_VALUE \
 -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
 -d '{
       "carrier": "UA",
       "flight_number": "576",
       "date": "2018-10-08",
       "origin": "BOS",
       "destination": "SFO"

Integrate with the best

Wrk has powerful integrations, letting you easily leverage other leading-edge companies and services.

Webflow CMS

Build a custom job board in Webflow that displays your jobs from Wrk. As you create, edit, and remove jobs in Wrk, your Webflow job board will stay in sync.

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We Work Remotely

Applications on tap. With just a click, you can display a job post to We Work Remotely's audience of 2.5 million remote job seekers.

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Google Jobs

Have your job posts appear in Google Jobs. When people run searches for jobs at your company, your posts will display in a specialized jobs widget.

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Get to hiring in minutes

No annoying sales calls. No jumping through hoops. Wrk is designed for quick setup with minimal configuration.

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Wrk is a self-serve hiring solution that's simple to start and easy to master.

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Etd's delay predictions help us to plan ahead, reduce travel stress, and help our travelers improve productivity during their trip.

Matthew Bellows, CEO,

Build before you buy

Explore the app, build out your job board, and invite your team. Take all the time you need to evaluate the platform.

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No matter what type of organization, is from local brick-and-mortar shops to distributed tech startups, wrk the best way to grow a team.

Pricing that fits

Only pay for what you actually use. With Wrk's per-job pricing, it's just $10 per published job post per month.

Also, when a job post you've paid for is archived, we'll automatically add a prorated credit to your account for any unused time.


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