About us

We're data geeks and aviation specialists who are passionate about solving one of the biggest challenges in travel today - flight delays and disruptions.

Our principles

Question the standards

Flight delays are the most frustrating part of travel and cost airlines and passengers $60B+ every year. That said, delays remain as opaque and unpredictable as ever. We believe that accurate and easily-accessible flight delay forecasts could fundamentally transform how we experience and manage flight disruptions.

Cut the BS

We don't make claims we can't back up with data or other evidence, and we don't sell our customers products and features we can't deliver on. Instead, we make the accuracy of our predictions available to our customers and partners. Life is simpler when you can take us at face value.

Information is king

Access to information is foundational to making travel more efficient and stress-free. We can create tools that allow participants in the travel ecosystem to propel their efforts in managing disruptions.

Start with simple

Even the most powerful tools should be easy to get started with. We aim for our products to be intuitive and obvious in a way that provides immediate value while still offering a depth of functionality as our customers become more experienced.

Built in Shenzhen

Coming to Shenzhen is like visiting the future. But it's this crazy Blade Runner-esque future. There's this incredible energy here. People are just really smart and really innovative and really creative.

Founded and headquartered in Shenzhen, Etd thrives within the vibrant community of young, innovative companies growing in the city.

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No matter what type of organization, is from local brick-and-mortar shops to distributed tech startups, wrk the best way to grow a team.

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