Where power meets simplicity. Etd is built to effortlessly support and streamline your hiring process.

Instant job board

You'll have a branded job board as a centralized place to display all the open positions at your organization. Each job has its own dedicated page and customizable application form.

With the ability to add additional content, you can build out an entire careers site.

Instant setup

Your job board is created automatically as soon as you sign up. From there, you can easily add additional content and branding.

Custom application forms

Ensure you get the candidate information you need. With Wrk you can customize the form fields that display for each job post.

Custom job categories

Wrk is great for all industries. You can designate your own job categories that fit the types of roles you're looking to fill.

Video embeds

Go beyond text by adding a featured video at the top of your job posts. It's a great way to help tell your organization's story.

Social share images

Make sure your job stands out when you share it. You can upload your own social share images so you're always on brand.

Mobile ready

Your job board and job posts will display beautifully, regardless of what device a prospective candidate is using.

Candidate management

As they apply, new candidates automatically show up in the Wrk hiring dashboard for efficient review and management.

With our applicant tracking features, you'll have complete visibility into how candidates are moving through your hiring process.

Custom hiring flows

Create custom candidate groupings. This allows you to segment your candidates in a way that reflects your ideal hiring process.

Candidate messaging

Send and receive emails with candidates from within Wrk. Each message exchanged gets displayed in a feed for future reference.

Message templates

Create message templates with dynamic content placeholders to aid in sending frequently used messages.

Notification hub

A robust notification system ensures you'll never miss a thing. You'll have a birds-eye view of all your hiring activity.

Candidate quick search

Easily search through active candidates across all your jobs. With just a click, you can navigate directly to their page.

Hiring documents

A hiring document gets created for each new candidate. There, you can reference notes, collect your thoughts, and record feedback.

Team collaboration

Hiring is a team sport and Wrk is set up to support it. We never limit your user-count, so you can invite all the help you need.

With multiple user-roles and the ability to assign teammates to jobs, you have the flexibility to organize your hiring efforts exactly how you need.

Hiring teams

Assign a team of users to each position you're looking to fill. It's a great way to divvy up the effort and keep everyone focused.

Shared documents

Each hiring document is shared between all hiring team members. It's a great tool to keep everyone on the same page.

Group messaging

A shared candidate message feed ensures everyone on the team is up to date with the latest communications.

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